Video Games


Cube-X - Phantom Time


A Single Player 3D Old-School FPS with save/load features, dynamic lights and balanced difficulty - it gets harder as you progress through the campaign.





The Journey FPS


A full 3D Adventure shooter videogame. Original soundtrack, levels/maps, storyline, missions added regularly, native 64bit linux version and several updates





Hercolubus - The Falling Planet

Fast, simple, very easy and kinda frenetic space shooter.





The 20th Zone


Raycasting old school FPS. 20 levels, original ingame music, hq sounds for enemies, weapons, itens and menus.





The 20th Zone II


Using modern resources such as OpenGL and sectors technique for map making, this sequel for "The 20th Zone" keeps the old FPS style visuals and it's a perfect second chapter for the original game.





Find out what's happening at the Superpluma Space Station.





Santa Flaws


Do you like Christmas? The "Christmas Spirit" is here. The truth.The scary truth. This is an Old School Raycasting FPS Game. Exploring all the resources available for this engine, we've got a very funny / horror game.