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Find out what's happening at the Superpluma Space Station.

Not a very long gameplay but a good one with storyline and cutscenes. No OpenGL features, preserving the pixelated software rendered graphics.



- Magneto: there's no gravity for you. The more you get, the more you fly
- Speedy - as the name suggests, extra speed for you
- Super Plasma - it boosts your fire rate and gives you Infinite ammo for all weapons you have. Not to mention that you get invincible. Temporarily, of course.
- Plasma Shield - just invincibility.
- Invisibility - full invisibility.
- Armor and/or Health bonus - increases the armor and/or health to the infinity, if possible...
And more you'll find out by yourself.

1 - Pistol - a simple laser pistol for you to begin
2 - Shotgun - very useful and powerful shotgun
3 - Rifle - the rifle of all man's dream. You don't need to stop firing to reload.
4 - Rocket Thrower - throw your rockets as if they were grenades.
5 - Rocket Launcher - very, very fast rockets.
6 - Blast Bouncer - these weaker shots bounces anywhere. Good for huge but weaker hordes of enemies.
7 - Blast Rifle - green laser blasts. For huge and stronger enemies hordes.
8 - Flamethrower - the most powerful weapon.